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Estate Agent Pro Semi-Custom

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A customized home page with the features of an Estate Agent.

Estate Agent Pro Custom

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Share our passion for excellence with extraordinary designs.
01.We has developed an easy to use web site with the single purpose to help real estate brokers and agencies to advertise their properties.

02.The brokers or agencies that will use the advantages of the site will actually need just a few clicks to add and customize the new offers, plus they can add unlimited amount of images and descriptions as long as they wish.

03.We can assure our customers that their visitor and future customers will be as eased as possible. They will be able to search through a powerful search engine that sorts the offers in different categories (location, city, price etc.)

04.Another function of the site which is absolutely necessary is the multi language support. ESTATE AGENT PRO is offered in English, French, Spanish, German and Bulgarian to give you a wider variety of customers from all over the world.